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Very Effective Ways To Create A Job For Yourself In The Unadvertised Job Market

Very Effective Ways To Create A Job For Yourself In The Unadvertised Job Market

The unadvertised job market, represents over 60% of all the jobs that change hands either in the US or the UK job markets. By understanding this fact, you can vastly increase your chances of finding a job quickly if you are out of work and using these approaches to make a company instantly aware of why they need you.

One of the very best ways to gain access to these sorts of opportunities is by approaching a company directly with an unsolicited email or letter. There are numerous reasons why this approach works well and is not intrusive. Indeed you may well be doing the company a favour by bringing to their attention a problem they will have to face or an opportunity this should be exploiting. You will also of course be saving them a great deal of money in terms of recruitment fees should they employ you without having to pay the fees of a recruitment agency.

By using a “Targeted approach” we do not mean writing directly to a number of companies in the fond hope that they may well employ someone of your abilities and skills. Rather your approaches should be viewed more as a proposal showing how you can benefit their organisation and based on information you have gleaned from the marketplace. Your networking both online and off-line, will often reveal very useful information about an industry and/or a company that alerts you to such opportunities. In today’s fast moving commercial environment, the “jungle telegraph” works very quickly, particularly we now have instantaneous information delivered on the social media platforms. To give an example, let’s say, you have a very strong track record in Sales and Marketing roles in a particular industry sector. During your Jobbörse search, you find out that a particular company is being consistently criticised on Twitter or Facebook for bad customer service. This provides you with an opportunity to write to the chief executive or managing director of the company stating that you have become aware of the problem and very importantly asking for a meeting to discuss with them how you can remedy the situation. However the format of your approach is important.

There are many examples of direct approach letters either on the Internet, or contained in specialist books on the shelves of most major book retailers. A lot of them do not go far enough in terms of grabbing the attention of the reader. In writing such a letter, it is useful to borrow a process from the copywriting industry and treat your communication as a sales letter. To do this, the letter should start by outlining the problem in the first paragraph, and so immediately bring it to the reader’s attention. The second paragraph should then go into greater detail and set out the follow on consequences to the company if they do not remedy the situation quickly. The third paragraph should set out in outline just how you would go about solving the problem for them. The more you can emphasise the consequences to the company, the better. In the case of the company with the bad customer service, you can set out all the consequences they might have to endure, such as loss of sales, demotivation of the staff, the loss of key people, lack of acceptance of new profitable products by the existing customer base in future etc. You will find that the more research you do, and the more information you gather, the more easily you can target those companies with real problems that you can solve. Once you have your information, it should be a fairly easy job to identify the 10 most likely companies to approach.

In a different scenario where you feel you have identified a certain sector or industry who you see as having a need for someone with your background and track record, but it is not a sector or industry you are familiar with,there is another very useful method you can use to discover the companies who may well be looking for someone like you to help them. A simple method is to obtain the email addresses of as many chief executives or managing directors as you can. Having done that, you then send an email to them saying that you have prepared a White Paper on the particular problems that industry faces and how such problems can be resolved. This is a very low cost way of contacting a number of decision makers. The people who reply to you should obviously be sent a copy of that White Paper. This should be done by mail as opposed to email, as the open rate of direct mail is considerably higher than that of email. Also a paper report looks much more credible than a simple email. You should then follow up mailing after three or four days so that you can speak directly to these “hot prospects” and should be able to arrange interviews with a number of them in consequence.


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