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Article Marketing and Changes in Online Article Submission Categories

Online article marketers love it when an Online Article Submission Website entrepreneur adds categories to their websites. As an article online author, I certainly do too. However when they take one away all of a sudden all the Hugo Chavez’s of the World come out of the woodwork to call them; The Devil?

Wow, what a dichotomy indeed. Recently, I witnessed this when the top online article submission site deleted the category; Online Gambling. Deleting a category can cause conflict, but if it is reasonable and it makes sense then that is not so bad. The only issue might be in the future, if this continues too much, because alienating groups of people can cause an issue later down the road and it also causes hard feelings and competitors.

With regards to Gambling; many of the Online Gambling Sites are actually operating outside US Law in gray area and really borderline stuff, due to FCC laws and situs judi online laws so you do not want to get caught in that whole mess either. Interesting really, although personally I am pretty much unaffected by this.

I am sure the Gambling Authors can find some other site out there who wants those articles, somewhere some new website will want that traffic? Who knows really: and without the risk of rambling; those are some thoughts for the peanut gallery today? Please consider all this in 2006.

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